What is Living Games?

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An Overview of Living Games

Living Games is an exciting activity but one that a lot of people are not fully aware of. Yet they may have participated in one of these games or have been a spectator without realizing it.

What Do Living Games Consist Of?

These are a mix of different activities such as:

The Benefits of Living Games

Living games can provide several benefits depending on the purpose they are being used for. They allow those who are participating to learn how to focus on what they feel are their priorities. They can be used in businesses to help reach specific goals of the company. Another important application for living games is in the educational setting.

Basics of the Games

The games can be conducted in a variety of different settings. Rules need to be defined, so the entire game is carried through with. These games are meant to encourage participation by each person and for them to apply creative thinking. They will want to focus on finding solutions that are open-ended to specific problems being addressed.

The Popularity of Living Games

Living Games is something that is being integrated into many different facets of life. The progression and recognition of Living Games are highly supported through the Living Games Conference. Which encompasses different topics pertaining to the game. A good example of this is Working Disability into Gaming.